The Servicing Division

The Servicing Division at Pancrop, caters to clients, whether in the public or private sector, for different projects and missions.

The services include:

  • Facilities Management Division: Pancrop collaborates with industry leaders to provide cleaning and maintenance services for camps, facades, towers and communities. In Lebanon, Pancrop Supplies & Services, is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company by Bureau Veritas, providing cleaning and pest control and related services to all types of clients including United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon and many other organizations.

    The division is also active in Sudan,, with a base office in Khartoum Pancrop provides UNHCR with cleaning services across different cities of Sudan.
  • Catering Division: Pancrop serves thousands of meals on daily basis to United Nations troops on the borders of Sudan. In addition, it manages central kitchens, serving food at embassies, schools and private events in Sudan.
  • Logistics and Transportation Division: Pancrop is the preferred transporter of the World Food Program (WFP) in Sudan moving thousands of metric tons of cargo every year. Pancrop handles the logistics, transportation and freight forwarding of several reputable clients including UNHCR, UNMISS and UNAMID and provides trucks, containers, lifting, loading and offloading machinery and equipment in Sudan and surrounding countries.

The Supply Chain, Distribution
And Trading Division

The Supply Chain, Distribution and Trading Division oversees the supplying of goods to different United Nations entities around the world.

The division handles the following:

  • Supplying general goods to different private clients in Africa.
  • Distributing humanitarian aid products to the United Nations in different countries.
  • Representation of foreign companies operating in Sudan.
  • Acquiring exclusive distribution rights to promote different types of products, from safety boots to agro chemical products in Africa and Middle East.

key milestones

The Supply Chain, Distribution and Trading Division at Pancrop has recorded key milestones, both with contracts handled and the scale of projects. Of the most notable milestones, Pancrop is entrusted to supply various products for the United Nations globally, of which, accommodation items, flags and Fiber Optics products.